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DFC-90 & DFC-A Dancer/Follower Arm Controls

Dancer or Follower Arm?  You'll find both operating modes applicable for the DFC-90 and DFC-A low cost tension controls.

Dancer Mode:

In dancer control applications, the DFC-90 and DFC-A are full PID closed loop dancer controls. They control web tension by sensing the position of the dancer arm through a DFP or DFP-2 Position Sensor and adjusting the clutch, brake or motor control torque accordingly to maintain the dancer position set point. An advanced control algorithm provides optimum control and ease of use.

Follower Arm Mode:

In follower arm applications, the DFC-90 and DFC-A control web tension by compensating for measured changes in the roll diameter. Roll diameter changes are measured through the DFP or DFP-2 Position Sensor and a follower arm. An optional Stop Multiplier provides additional stopping torque to help stop large unwind rolls.

Make quick setup adjustments using the easily accessible potentiometers.  All adjustments are intuitive and clearly marked. 


  • DFC-90: Current regulate 90 VDC output in four selectable ranges
  • DFC-A: Switch selectable 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 ma output
  • Compact enclosure requires minimal space
  • Simplicity of DIN rail mounting
  • CE and UL requirements for safety and electrical noise immunity


DFC-90: Dancer or Follower Arm Control of a magnetic particle clutch or brake

DFC-A: Dancer or Follower Arm Control of a pneumatic brake, clutch or motor drive

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